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d'Amelander Kaap Appartementen are part of the four-star Hotel-Resort d'Amelander Kaap. The apartments are privately owned and a large part of these apartments can be rented for your holiday on Ameland. And as a guest of d'Amelander Cape apartments you can use the many facilities that the hotel offers.

All owners are united in VvE d'Amelander Kaap for the interests of the owners and the overall maintenance of the complex.


Eric van der Horst (chairman)

Marco Aukema (treasurer)

Corinne Tibben (secretariat)



Nico Verweij

Melle van der Ploeg (vice-chairman)

Hans Bodewes

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d'Amelander Kaap Appartementen
Oosterhiemweg 1 | 9161 CZ Hollum-Ameland

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